dimecres, 6 d’agost de 2014

State of Affairs

Current WIPs:

- Beatrice from the H-anime City of Sin:
Beatrice from the H-anime City of Sin
Beatrice from the H-anime City of Sin

- Monet from One Piece, will most probably be a small collaboration in Studio Natsume's doujin "Pirates VS Ninjas #5", but still don't have a clear idea of which her pose will be.
Monet from One Piece

- Kalifa from One Piece, too, and will most probably be another collab in the same doujin. I have finished coloring it, only some finishing touches remain.
Kalifa from One Piece

Besides this, I'm still working on my bodypaint cosplay project. You can find samples for #1 and #2 some posts below, #3 will be Misty/Kasumi from Pokemon and #4 is a 2-in-1 with Rei and Asuka from Evangelion. I'm thinking of more characters, and most probably, #5 will be Tomoe Mami from Madoka Magika.

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