dilluns, 11 d’agost de 2014

State of Affairs #2

And here it is, a new post to update the blog. "State of Affairs" sound pretty good, so I think I'll keep with this title for future updates. So first of all, I finished the #3 (Misty/Kasumi) set from the new project some days ago, which turned out pretty good. I have to start coloring #4 (Rei-Asuka) and start drawing #5.

I also finished the Kalifa collab, from which I can only show you this:
In the doujin it'll be B&W, and I also have a version optimized for this. After the convention in which it'll be available, I'll upload all the versions in the usual sites.

I'm also working in the Monet collab:
I won't be able to show you more than this, so enjoy while you can. Same thing, after the convention, I'll upload it in the usual sites.

I'm also doing the lines for the Beatrice pics, which don't differ much from the previous ones, so I don't show them now.

I intend on doing an Advance Wars related illustration, but first I should finished all queued things.

And last but not least for today, I opened a Twitter account for my "circle", TDD1 Projekts, so you can follow me there through @tdd1projekts. I don't have much followers yet :(

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