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Commissions (English)

Commissions OPEN
Commissions OPEN

Send me an e-mail to the following address a.lau.serrano@gmail.com
Include the word "commission" in the topic title. Describe what are your thoughts on the work, include references if possible.
I'll reply ASAP with my agreement/disagreement, and the final price & payment address should I accept.


Prices (for one character):
Lineart only: Waist-up 10$ | Full Body 15$
Lineart+Plain color: Waist-up 15$ | Full Body 20$
Lineart+Plain color+Shading: Waist-up 20$ | Full Body 30$

Background: Ask
Additional character: 10$

Final work includes a .jpg file at 1600px.


Half the final price is to be paid in advance before I start anything, to avoid scamming.
The other half is to be paid before sending the final work.


DO's and DON'T's:

- Original and non-original characters
- SFW works
- NSFW works

- Furry, yaoi, tentacles, loli-shota. Ask for futa.
- Full comics (I know my limits, maybe some day)

In case of doubt, ASK.


- PAYPAL ONLY, please.
- Do NOT pay me before I agree. If you do, I can't guarantee that I can refund your money if I do not agree with your request.
- Unless stated the contrary by client, I am allowed to show my work in my blog and other sites.
- In case of doubt, feel free to ask (this may save us many misunderstandings).

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